Our recording studio is built inside a 1973 Airstream Argosy

Our passion for music and culture led us to this dream. We can now record music and stories from anywhere.

James Mckenty, Founder

What We Do: Starting Summer of 2020 we will be hitting the road recording albums, filming concerts and searching for untapped talent.

Our Style: The Airstream Argosy has been retrofitted with a nod to it’s vintage past while clearly taking it into the future. Mid Century Modern accents. Steam punkt shelving. 1940’s Presto Record Lathe (We can make a vinyl record right there on the spot!). Full 32 input recording studio. Vintage RCA recording light and our own invention, the “All Canadian” vintage phone which includes private message from famous Canadian celebrities!

Our Mission: To record music in it’s purest/rawest form. We can record full live shows in a venue or stripped down performances in the Airstream itself. We look to discover music and people that have unique stories, lives and songs. “Come as you are, Sing us your song, Tell us your story”.